Is you mad or nah?

Okay, so I really feel like laughing today.

Y’all see that featured image right? Let me tell you. That’s me. That’s exactly what it’s like before my cycle hits.

Every. Time.

LOL. I think I read somewhere that people said PMS is a myth or something like that (definitely not). What is PMS? Glad you asked. For those of you that aren’t aware (most likely my younger people who haven’t learned about the mystery that is womanhood):


And there you have it. It’s funny because when it happens to me, for maybe a few days out of the week, I’m this raging monster (only at home, I barely manage to put on a mask when I go out however, if I look super mad for no reason, this is probably why) who stays holed up in my room for most of the day viciously playing GTA V or some kind of action game to relieve my unwarranted anger. OR, I’m the complete opposite. I’m crying and sad about everything in my life and everything hurts my feelings. OR. I eat everything in sight. OR. I’m knocked out somewhere and just basically a limp noodle.

PMS varies for a lot of women. For example, I don’t get bloated (at least I don’t think I do). I don’t know why it happens, but it does. It shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Not at all. Because I’m sure there are some females out there who will bite your head off if you cross them the wrong way during this time. Just continue to be patient with us, we aren’t doing it on purpose.

However, for those women using PMS as an excuse to act like you have no sense…get ‘cho life. 


I wonder what Eve was like when she had the first PMS, LOL.