The Diamond: A Short Story

Don’t let anyone determine your worth, or misuse you as a result of what you’ve survived and experienced in your lifetime.

Once upon a time, there was this man, who went for a walk at the same exact time every day. You could call this walk his daily walk of life. Walking through highs and lows, and sometimes difficult spots that weren’t so easy to get a foothold on. As it seemed that his walks were getting tougher and tougher some days, he prayed and asked God to bless him with something that would keep him company and make the walks worth the trouble.

One day, as the man was walking along one of the more difficult parts of his walk, a glimmer caught his eye. As he approached the spot where he saw the faint glimmer from a distance, crouching down and beginning to dig once he arrived at that spot, he happened upon something rare and tough to find. To his amazement and gratitude to God, he realized that he had found a diamond! Now, what would a diamond like this, be doing here? No one knows how the diamond got there, but it didn’t matter. This diamond wasn’t like any other diamond, however. It was the most beautiful, shimmery, warm, glowing and enchanting diamond anyone ever did see! Usually, rocks are cold and off-putting, but not this one. This diamond shone like none other before it. There was something incredibly special about this diamond, and the man realized this from the moment he picked it up. Upon closer observation, the man noticed the diamond had a few scratches and some seemingly irremovable dirt on it (no matter how hard he tried to wipe it off with this shirt). Like before, none of it mattered because the man was so joyous, happy, and excited, he thanked God and hurried home to clean and properly take care of that diamond.

Once home, the man carefully took the diamond out of his pocket and quickly prepared a nice wash for it to cleanse it of the dirt it had incurred from being in the ground for so long. He treated it with the utmost care, careful not to rush the process. Once he finished washing the diamond, aside from the scratches that it possessed, he was able to finally see its true beauty. This diamond was near perfect!

Words could not express how happy this man was, and he could not thank God enough for blessing him with this very unique gift. The man would just sit and stare in awe of the diamond after he finished his daily walks, captivated by its own unique glow. A glow that nothing else could possess.

The man would take that diamond everywhere, happy to know that it would always be right there ready to shine light onto his life in the difficult times that he went through, making the experiences more bearable…

For a while, the diamond stayed spotless, constantly gleaming its beautiful rays of light that seemed to blot out the minor scratches it had on it. Then one day, to his surprise, the man noticed that the diamond got dirty again. “How could this be?” he asked himself, for the man knew that he took extra care to wash and protect the diamond. This didn’t matter though once again, for he simply shrugged and took it home to wash it and get it cleaned again. Not even two days later, however, the diamond began to get dirty again. The man, befuddled, asked himself again how this kept happening. Especially this time, he noticed the diamond was dirtier than usual, and more scratches began to appear on it. After this, it seemed that no matter how much he cleaned the diamond when it got dirty, it just would not stay clean for long, regardless of everything he tried. He even started using harsher cleaners just to make sure the diamond had no possible way of getting dirty, though much to his dismay, it only made the diamond look worse.

During this time, the meticulous care and attention the man paid to this lovely diamond began to fade as the days went on. He no longer stared at it in awe whenever he held it in the palm of his hand. He even started to pick up other rocks from time to time when he went for his walks (though, he never kept those). Looks of disgust and annoyance began to take over whenever he would look at the diamond. He even stopped taking it on his walks with him everyday and just left it laying at his house. He figured, why clean it if it’s just going to get dirty again? He figured it was a waste of his time and energy. Eventually, the man grew tired of this constant routine of having to constantly clean this diamond. He couldn’t understand why it just wouldn’t stay clean. Then one day, the man had finally had enough, he couldn’t take it anymore. As he went on his walk that day, with the diamond in his pocket, he reached in, grabbed it and looked at it one more time. For a moment, he saw that glimmer, that brilliant shine the diamond gave off when he had first came upon it. He paused for a moment, unsure of what to do next, but then too soon did all the struggle he went through to keep it clean start running through his mind. His next action was none other than letting the diamond fall out of the palm of his hand, and watching it roll down the hill, becoming obscured by the dirt and plants around it. He could no longer see the glimmer that once captivated him. The diamond seemed to have fallen in slow motion as he let it slip from his hand. Time seemed to almost stop…

Staring at the sunset as he breathed out and turned to walk away, he thought he heard a faint voice crying and saying “I can’t stay clean. Sometimes life just gets to you and you have to be dusty and dirty for a while. We won’t always be clean, but we will get clean again. It makes the dirtier time not seem so bad. What matters is that we should never give up, but I understand. Sometimes you just can’t take it.” It was enough to make him stop, and turn back to look at where the diamond fell, but he just shook his head and said, “there’s no way…”. He turned around and continued on his walk.

Two years he had that diamond. One of God’s precious blessings. Though, in the end, he forgot the value of it, he forgot that he prayed so fervently for it, and he simply discarded it and went about his business. The diamond had grown fond of the man during that time and tried its best to shine bright through the muck contained on its surface, just to brighten his day no matter what it looked like. It still wasn’t enough.

The diamond laid there for a long while, watching the sun rise and sun set day after day. It’s still laying there, even now, patiently waiting for someone else to come and receive it as a blessing as the man once did. If the diamond had a heart, there would be no hate in it for the man, as it understands that sometimes life is unbearable and people give up. It hoped the man was doing well.

Every now and then, the diamond would catch a glimpse of the man as he walked by on his daily walk, not even glancing at where he let the diamond fall long ago.