Net Neutrality – What You Should Know, Etc.

So we keep seeing this topic called Net Neutrality floating around on various social media and news outlets. A lot of you may still be wondering what the heck it’s all about. If you haven’t taken the time to research what it is and what it is not, now is the time to do so.

To put it simply: without Net Neutrality, we’re going to have to start paying for access to different sites that we already access for free.


Yeah, doesn’t sound cool right? I’m sure a lot of us are already BROKE as it is with the bills and things we have to currently take care of. Government got me bent if they think I’m going to pay even more to use the internet. SIKE.

But anyway everyone, listen. It’s important that you take action so that we can continue to access the internet and it’s numerous resources for free. How would you feel if you, or your kids, or someone you know with kids, needed to go to the library to use a computer because you can’t afford your own at the moment and then end up being told that you have to pay for the different sites it’s imperative for you to access? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL!? 


If you’re a college student (any student really), how would you feel about having to pay to access resources for class (aside from the ones we had to empty all the pieces of lint out of our pockets for ALREADY)??

Or, you don’t have cable, so one of the only ways you can stay updated on the news is by visiting a news website?

Or you know if you make a living off of game streaming, or YouTubing, etc. and you have to pay to use Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc.? IT’S UNIMAGINABLE.



Fight against it! The vote to get it repealed or to keep it will be cast on Thursday. We have two more days. SPREAD THE WORD. I’m sure there’s a lot more worrisome things going on in the world that a lot of us ignore as it is, but this isn’t one of the things we need to be ignoring. Stay informed, get active, and speak out.

CHECK THE LINKS BELOW. Some of them I’ve read thoroughly, others I haven’t, but they looked promising (if they aren’t just let me know and I’ll remove them). The first two links are ways to send messages to the FCC to tell them to chill out.

Join the online protest to stop the FCC.

Did you know that the FCC is going to have a NET NEUTRALITY VOTE ON DEC 14th?

Net neutrality repeal based on false description of Internet, inventors say

Net Neutrality Explained: What It Means (and Why It Matters)



Other than that, I hope you all have a very Merrrrryyy Holiday season!

Author: Anca

Totally winging adulthood.

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