The beginning of it all…

Yes. Correcto. You guessed it. I am 22 years old right now. Guess what? About to be 23 in six months.

Ah yes, 22, fresh out of college…unwillingly unemployed…also broke…and single…

I could go on.

Haha, it’s not so bad being 22 and at this point in my life. Kind of just taking every day in stride, looking for all the positive things. Like me starting this website! Also, getting my Youtube channel started (check it out at the social links below), moving back in with my parents (no rent for a while ayeee). The list goes on and on and on. All that matters is that I’m happy. To God be the glory for my happiness.

With all that being said, focus on the positive things happening in your life right now. It’s too easy to get bogged down with all the negatives. Fill your day with light, choose your attitude. Also don’t forget.


Author: Anca

Totally winging adulthood.

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